Saturday, September 8, 2007

BOOM! It's an Expo-losion!

Hello ladies!

The E-team has some great things happening!

Four of the five JANES are paid for, we have had all our bags donated, our wigs are in, and we are listening hard for God's will to be shared. This Expo will be amazing, and I pray that it leads to a revolution in the way people look at women's ministry.

Today we found some great fabric @ Target that we'll use on our JANES cutouts. If you aren't familiar, we're cutting these out of MDF and they'll be painted hot pink. A few of these JANES will feature mosaic glass which will spell out JANES, and others two will be "blingin'" with sparkling jewels in browns and greens. If you have some sparkling jewels (necklaces or bracelets) you'd be willing to let us borrow, please let me know.

The fabric pictured will be used in different ways on each JANE - as a belt, as a scarf, as a headband, etc. This unifying fabric will represent the way that though we all have unique personalities, characteristics, life styles, and experiences, we all have one thing in common - His grace and unyielding love!

We're still seeking a few things, so if you're looking to help, check out the previous post. Also, if you can help spread the word about the Expo, please let Alisa know.

Last, but most importantly, if you could add JANES and the leadership to your prayer, we could sure use it! Thanks ladies!