Thursday, August 30, 2007

JANES needs your help!

Hi ladies!

Pastor Bil always talks about making an "ask" of ourselves, so I'm prayerfully requesting your assistance. Let me know if you have these items or know someone who'd be willing to give them to us.

To lend (or donate as the lender/donor desires)
1. hot pink, lime green, white and chocolate brown balloons (need 50 total, with mostly hot pink)

2. curling ribbon in hot pink, lime green, white, and chocolate brown

3. Fabric tablecloths (especially those in the above colors) (please label if you'd like returned)

4. 6 Wooden easels (please label so we can return)

5. 9 pieces of black or white foam poster board

6. money donated towards large JANES cutouts (the sheets are $20 ea. and we'd like to have 3 more)

7. helium tanks (enough for 50 balloons)
8. money donated towards fabric for JANES
9. white, lime green, brown, or hot pink gift bags (need ~400)

If you have questions or would like to lend or donate anything, please contact Janel at Thanks!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lord, Let Us Shine!

Hi beautiful ladies!

I am so excited about the things God has planned for the women of Bay Area Fellowship, of Corpus Christi, and the women around the world. Thank you for to using your God-given gifts to support the E-Team! We are getting ready for our JANES Expo, which is fast approaching. With a color scheme of hot pink, brown, lime green, and white, we're sure to catch the ladies' eyes. Then we want to capture their interests with our Bevies, our Bible studies, and our other outreach opportunities.

The E-team power word is SHINE. We as the E-Team work together to create and plan events which allow our ladies to shine, reflecting God's light to those around them. Our hope is that the women leave our events refreshed, renewed, and ready to let God's light SHINE everywhere they go.

I know that God will bless this ministry, and I am prayerfully seeking His will. If you're interested in helping organize an event, or if you have an idea for a unique women's event, please email me at I can't wait to see what God has in store for the E-Team, as well as the other Dream Teams, for JANES, and for Bay Area Fellowship. Stay tuned for what He has promised to be an exciting and thrilling ride!